Tuesday Nighter Results – May 12, 2015

Tuesday May 12, 2015 – North Course  •  12ºC    Partly sunny, Wind ENE @ 20

A slightly chilly evening for our first North course of the season, but sunny and fresh… a stark contrast to the weather tantrum last week.

I always find the ride out to the North course quite a bit more relaxing than the east, with the exception of course of the stretch after the chemical plant; it will be nice to use the new path. The only thing that could make it even more dangerous is when people, for whatever reason, ride two abreast in high-speed, two-way traffic and very little shoulder – please don’t do this on this stretch.

Great to see some new riders, Becky and David, out to try the Tuesday nighters.  We had two equally sized groups tonite, and decided to give an extra minute for a 5 minute head start.  The A’s worked somewhat unsteadily for the first while with some flyers going off, as we started to encounter more and more debris from the first group.  I tried my hand 5k from the turnaround on lap 2, and was getting a pretty good gap.  Steven made a strong bridge and joined me, but heading up the rise, I was getting tired legs and he slipped away from me.

After the turn the group was getting close so I sat up. Steven made a good go of it, but we caught him near Wanuskewin.  I was getting worried about catching the first group, but as it turned we had a different group to worry about.  Coming up to the last turnaround, Bob, Scott T. and Steven opened a gap and took advantage of it coming out of the turn (…this turn is supposed to be neutral guys – wtf ).   Anyway   ; [    the pack either was too tired or didn’t seem too worried, and it cost most of them in the end.  As we approached 1.5k to the finish, the 3 were still 2-3 hundred meters out in front… dangerous times.  Lucas then launched out of the pack with me on his wheel… and with his quick acceleration, he opened a bit of a gap – no draft for me.  I looked back and there were no other takers… this was the definitive move.

The three hopefuls were now approaching the valley as Lucas joined them, with me pulling up shortly after – a most unwelcome crashing of their party to be sure.  We now had 5 fairly knackered riders heading to the finish line – as it should be.  Looking at each other climbing out of the valley, Lucas launched his usual blistering sprint just over the crest and was able roll across the line with confidence, with me a few bike lengths behind, and Steven taking bronze honors (a good ride from him tonite).


Final Results:

1) Lucas Morin

2) Christian Jensen

3) Steven Froese

4) Bob Hawboldt

5) Scott Theede


Thanks to Karen for driving again this week.  Hopefully everyone is feeling good for Bikes on Broadway this weekend… good luck!