Tuesday Nighter – May 26, 2015

Tuesday May 26, 2015 – East Course  •  24ºC    Partly sunny, Wind NNE @ 25-40

(Summary courtesy Chris White)


A great night to put the 3rd race of the year in the books, although a bit of whining about the wind that always seems to accompany us on Tuesdays so far this year!

Decent turn out and a few things to iron out for the “new” C group, but this will improve (*Coordinator’s note: Not sure why things when whacky with the groups this week, but note that if you are wanting to go with the ‘C’ group; the low-key group geared to people who want to gain experience/fitness riding in a group, you will leave LAST).

B group left a bit fragmented and were smaller in numbers, so chase group (large group) were rolling fast! I remember tasting a bit of lactate the first 2-3km !

The echelon was quite efficient to the turn south,when Tim Pierce set sail with the tailwind and a new machine (nice wheels) and pushed the pace.We reeled him in in due time and again settled into a fast tailwind peloton!!

Things settled turning into Clavet as the headwind north stretch was around the dreaded corner. No major attacks into the wind… survival, but definitely some strong dudes like Barret, Mark and Bob doing the majority of the pulls!  Catching the B group was imminent, and a safe pass occurred, I believe just before the mine.  Roll on…..

Turning up the incline to Hwy 5 pace was solid and then Barret put in a sustained effort to tow the group to the tailwind. The turn south was FAST and a group of 5,  I believe had a decent gap which I thought was going to succeed.  But no the pack was “hungry like the wolves” (Duran Duran ref for the young riders who don’t know Blair C’s fav band). We lost a few riders on the south stretch as pace was causing attrition.

Kudos to some of the Veterans, actually all of the 45-59 yr olds who push the pace night after night Scott C and Bob come to mind.  Impressive stuff!

Up the hill together and listening to the flow off O2 in and out of the lungs is what it’s about. Turn home and game on.

Pace kept high all the way home with many just “hanging on”.  Riders at the front diminishing in numbers , there were multiple Hard surges by the likes of Mark B, Barret, Bob, Steve and Tim.  Mark B peeled away with about 6 or 7 km to go and kept a gap!!!  Barret and Lucas squared made quick jumps but pulled guys with them.  Then Barret tightroped the center line for a LONG haul and pulled the survivors with him.  Morin jumped again but withered.  Then I believe Myself, Bob Tim and a few others rode hard to the finish. With Mark B. already with the podium girls, there was a semi sprint for 2nd with young Bob H taking it.


Final Results:

1)  Mark B
2)  Bob Hawboldt
3)  Chris White
4)  Tim Pierce
5)  Barret Dunbar


Thanks to Karen for Driving.