Fråussen Dæk (Frozen Tire) Winter Race – March 13th

Thanks to everyone who came out to make the first annual Fråussen Dæk ‘winter’ race a success and an awesome day, even if a little breezy!  Results are as follows:
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.33.31 PM


The 2016 edition will be a gravel race; things are looking pretty good out there, and we’re pretty sure nobody’s Daek will be Fraussen this weekend. The gravel roads are entirely passable with cross/gravel bikes. So the official call is that cross bikes are your best bet, but mountain bike would hold it’s own on some sections.
That said, there is one section that is quite sloppy, but is also very short – about 15 meters.
The course (see map link below) is just west of Beaver Creek at the Fred Heal Canoe launch …turn AFTER Beaver Creek. It offers two climbs per lap, limited traffic and shelter from the wind on many parts.
Loop is 16.2km long and we’ll offer 1, 2 and 3 laps; 48.6km being the longest race.
Course map:
– SIGN-ON 12pm – 12:45 Cost is $15 –
Online registration:!/events/fraussen-daek-frozen-tire-2016-winter-race
(You can register for the race on race day too, but the officials prefer you do it online)
– You will need an SCA license to participate. Make sure you have your SCA membership before you register for the race online, otherwise it will be a more complex process.
SCA membership now must be done online (If registering on race-day and you don’t get your SCA card in time, please provide proof in the form of email receipt print-out, or on your phone). This license is good for the entire 2016 season.
– Bathrooms available at Beaver Creek Conservation Area
– Brought to you by Cycledelia, Fatlanders and Bike Doctor – (Fatbike rentals are available!)
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  1. Llewellyn Poidevin says:

    Hi Christian,

    Just curious as to whether the Pike Lake Roubaix would be happening in 2016?