Tuesday Nighter Results – May 9, 2017

Tuesday May 9, 2017  • North Course • 14ºC  • Wind NE@11

Final Results:
1) Steve Froese
2) Andre Gagnon
3) Christian Jensen
4) Mark Russell
5) Chris White

More than one serious yellow line violation tonite resulting in a REALLY dangerous situation coming into the final stretch with all the traffic out there …wtf people?   These drivers don’t care… they will gun it to max power to get by, and when you swerve out (or they just don’t see you), then they are going to run over you – game over, no re-do’s.
How many times do we have to repeat ourselves before somebody gets killed?  **Don’t cross the center line unless there’s a good reason and ONLY it’s safe to do so** (And not just that,  if we piss the locals off too badly, we could lose access to the course)   C’mon peeps, stay safe and ride better.