Wednesday Night Regional Criterium Series 2017

Sponsored by Cycledelia Racing Club of Saskatoon

Race Organizer- Jennifer Seaton, 306-203- 4225 or

The purpose of this series is to introduce criterium (crit) racing to new/beginner road cyclists and provide experience to existing racers in advance of the Provincial Crit Championships (to be held in Regina). There will be 3 abilities based groups of racers: Group 1 for beginners, Group 2 for existing racers in cat 4 and cat 5, and Group 3 for existing racers in cat 2 or cat 3. Women will be combined with men for all groups. Organizers reserve the right to combine groups as they see fit to provide a good racing experience. All groups will compete on the same course.

Location:   south-west industrial area of Saskatoon (see map)

Thursday Night Crit Course

Thursday Night Crit Course


Membership Requirements: Racers must hold at least a Sask Cycling Association (SCA) membership that provides the insurance to participate in the Crit Series. If you wish to participate in the Provincial Criterium as well, you will need to purchase a SCA license which allows membership to the provincial and national associations. Please get a membership/license online at the SCA website in advance of the first event you enter.



Please use your SCA race number (or one will be assigned). Put 1 number on the right side pocket and 1 number on the right side of chest/back as per diagram.


Numbers may not be folded, cut or overlapped.


Registration Fees:             $10/race, OR $30 for the 4-race series


Race Schedule: Registration at 6:00 and start time 6:30 pm


Crit #1 Wednesday, July 12

Group 1- 10 minutes of crit instruction & a 10 minute race

Group 2- 15 minute races

Group 3- 20 minute races


Crit #2 Wednesday, July 19

Group 1- 15 minutes

Group 2- 20 minutes

Group 3- 25 minutes


Crit #3 Wednesday, July 25

Group 1- 20 minutes

Group 2- 25 minutes

Group 3- 30 minutes


Crit #4 Wednesday, August 2

Group 1- 20 minutes

Group 2- 25 minutes

Group 3- 30 minutes


At least three races must be completed to be eligible for the overall series win.


Series Points:

Races with 8 or more                                    Races with fewer than 8

1st 10 points 5 points
2nd 8 points 3 points
3rd 6 points 2 points
4th 5 points 1 point
5th 4 points 1 point
6th 3 points 1 point
7th 2 points 1 point
8th 1 point (all other participants) 1 point (all other participants)

DNS or DNF will receive 0 points.