Tuesday Nighter Results – May 9, 2017

Tuesday May 9, 2017  • North Course • 14ºC  • Wind NE@11

Final Results:
1) Steve Froese
2) Andre Gagnon
3) Christian Jensen
4) Mark Russell
5) Chris White

More than one serious yellow line violation tonite resulting in a REALLY dangerous situation coming into the final stretch with all the traffic out there …wtf people?   These drivers don’t care… they will gun it to max power to get by, and when you swerve out (or they just don’t see you), then they are going to run over you – game over, no re-do’s.
How many times do we have to repeat ourselves before somebody gets killed?  **Don’t cross the center line unless there’s a good reason and ONLY it’s safe to do so** (And not just that,  if we piss the locals off too badly, we could lose access to the course)   C’mon peeps, stay safe and ride better.

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Tuesday Nighter Results – May 2, 2017

Tuesday May 2, 2017  • West Course • 10ºC  Wind W@22

Final Results:
1) Steve Froese
2) Joel Howlett
3) Barret Dunbar
4) Oleg Kougiya
5) Corey Funk

(Chris White flatted with about 3 k to go.)

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Belgian Cup #4 Results

Sunday, September 25, 2016
Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park #4 Cyclocross Belgian Cup Results
Long Race
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
MEN - 26 riders
139Lucas Conly40:37:0010
299Shane McNaughton42:25:008
338Neil Clarke42:44:006
436Albie Malan42:57:005
541Steven Froese43:00:004
6132Oleg Kougiya43:44:003
714Barret Dunbar43:46:002
8215Scott Theede44:45:001
996Ryan Derksen45:00:001
1069Peter Steckhan45:49:001
11130Bob Hawboldt46:02:001
1295Jordan Stevenson46:37:001
1335Jason Bergen41:27:00plus 1 lap1
14292Reinder Hoornstra41:33:00plus 1 lap1
15138Tom Wolf41:47:00plus 1 lap1
16131Kevin Sutton41:59:00plus 1 lap1
1797Scott Taylor42:21:00plus 1 lap1
1885Tim Pierce42:28:00plus 1 lap1
1934Michael Nederhoff42:41:00plus 1 lap1
2092Michael Hunter43:37:00plus 1 lap1
2132Cam Just43:56:00plus 1 lap1
2294Todd Thompson44:51:00plus 1 lap1
2391Michael Prystajecky46:47:00plus 1 lap1
2422Jonathan Coller46:52:00plus 1 lap1
2533Mike Amos40:38:00plus 2 laps1
88Chris ChristieDNF0
21Chris YeoDNS0
WOMEN - 5 riders
184Marina Aspen40:53:00plus 1 lap5
293Andrea Bunnin42:06:00plus 1 lap4
337Susan Clarke42:16:00plus 1 lap3
486Camille Sperling44:26:00plus 1 lap2
40Juliette WhelerDNF0
Short Race21 riders
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
1297Curtis Fischer24:41:0010
2147Jean Michel Chateigne24:42:008
3264Logan Amos25:22:006
4288Rod Hudym25:53:005
5274Renee Stuckel25:59:004
6279Cheryl Brooke27:03:003
7293Harry Neveling27:20:002
8299Derek Thompson28:36:001
9284Curt Bimson28:50:001
10291Brad Bly29:59:001
11275Melanie Stevenson30:49:001
12294David Stevenson31:25:001
13282Jackie Hunter31:31:001
14199Sydney Dahl31:41:001
15298Simone de Rosemond32:23:001
16198Jennifer Ruszkowski32:45:001
17295Dana Amos25:10:00plus 1 lap1
18300SSabine Chaterguer25:57:00plus 1 lap1
19296Brayden Amos26:12:00plus 1 lap1
20278Joshua Mason27:15:00plus 1 lap1
21277Abigail Mason34:21:00plus 1 lap1
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2016 Belgian Cup Points Series Totals

2016 Cycl-cross Belgian Cup Series  Regional Cyclocross Belgian Cup Series Points Standings
Blank means they didn’t compete in that race   –  0 means they DNF’d
* racers must have completed 3 races to be eligible for prize money.  Top 3 placings used for prizes

Men - Long Race
Race #Racer NameCategoryRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Total All RacesBest 3Placing
99Shayne McNaughtonMen Long810826261
38Neil ClarkeMen Long6108630242
215Scott TheedeMen Long585119183
36Albie MalanMen Long452516144
14Barret DunbarMen Long66214145
41Steven FroeseMen Long221498
96Ryan DerksenMen Long34188
85Tim PierceMen Long303177
113Scott BellMen Long14166
87Travis WardMen Long11133
35Jason BergenMen Long111143
92Michael HunterMen Long111143
33Mike AmosMen Long11133
130Bob HawboldtMen Long11133
34Michael NederhoffMen Long11133
138Tom WolfMen Long11133
97Scott TalylorMen Long11133
95Jordan StevensonMen Long11133
32Cam JustMen Long11133
94Todd ThompsonMen Long11133
22Jonathan CollerMen Long11133
88Chris ChristieMen Long110022
39Lucas ConlyMen Long101020
132Oleg KougiyaMen Long33
91Michael PrystajeckyMen Long112
131Kevin SuttonMen Long112
292Reinder HoonstraMen Long011
31Jorn SchumannMen Long11
98Howard HemingsonMen Long11
170Brad TurkMen Long11
128Cornel KlugeMen Long11
29Brad SaslterMen Long11
69Peter SteckhanMen Long11
21Chris YeoMen Long00
Men Long0
Women - Long Race
Race #Racer NameCategoryRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Total All RacesBest 3Placing
37Susan ClarkeWomen Long445316131
86Camille SperlingWomen Long32421192
40Juliette WhelerWomen Long230553
84Marina AspenWomen Long5510
93Andrea BunninWomen Long549
90Debra WrightWomen Long11
274Renee StuckelWomen Long101
Women Long
Short Race
Race #Racer NameCategoryRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Total All RacesBest 3Placing
297Curtis FischerShort101081038301
147Jean Michel ChateigneShort6810832262
264Logan AmosShort546621163
288Rod HudymShort5551515
293Harry NevelingShort331298
299Derek ThompsonShort211154
282Jackie HunterShort112154
295Dana AmosShort111143
198Jennifer RuszkowskiShort111143
298Simone de RosemondShort111143
296Brayden AmosShort111143
199Sydney DahlShort11133
300JJennifer SeatonShort11022
283Jonathan CollerShort88
274Renee StuckelShort448
285Micaiah BeslerShort606
286Josiah BeslerShort145
291Brad SlyShort314
279Cheryl BrookeShort33
287Jason TomasShort22
284Curt BimsonShort112
300SSabine ChaterguerShort112
278Joshua MasonShort112
277Abigail MasonShort112
294David StevensonShort112
275Melanie StevensonShort112
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Belgian Cup #3 Results: Brevort Park Sept 18, 2016

Concerns regarding posted results can be directed to:  fjmatus@sasktel.net.

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Brevort Park #3 Cyclocross Belgian Cup Results
Long Race
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
MEN - 23 riders
199Shane McNaughton39:46:0010
238Neil Clarke40:27:008
314Barret Dunbar40:31:006
4215Scott Theede40:41:005
596Ryan Derksen41:05:004
685Tim Pierce41:28:003
736Albie Malan41:44:002
841Steven Froese42:12:001
9128Cornel Kluge42:29:001
10130Bob Hawboldt43:11:001
11113Scott Bell43:44:001
1235Jason Bergen44:07:001
1329Brad Salter44:31:001
1487Travis Ward44:53:001
15138Tom Wolf45:51:001
1697Scott Taylor46:02:001
1795Jordan Stevenson46:24:001
1834Michael Nederhoff39:58:00plus 1 lap1
1992Michael Hunter40:07:00plus 1 lap1
2032Cam Just40:20:00plus 1 lap1
2194Todd Thompson40:48:00plus 1 lap1
22283Jonathan Coller41:59:00plus 1 lap1
292Reinder HoornstraDNF0
WOMEN - 3 riders
137Susan Clarke45:37:005
286Camille Sperling41:15:00plus 1 lap4
274Renee StuckelDNF0
Short Race17 riders
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
1147Jean Michel Chateigne20:13:0010
2297Curtis Fischer29:40:008
3264Logan Amos30:21:006
4288Rod Hudym30:50:005
5286Josiah Besler35:06:004
6291Brad Bly35:14:003
7282Jackie Hunter35:36:002
8299Derek Thompson36:14:001
9294David Stevenson36:16:001
10298Simone de Rosemond36:26:001
11198Jennifer Ruszkowski36:50:001
12295Dana Amos29:43:00plus 1 lap1
13293Melanie Stevenson29:43:00plus 1 lap1
14293Harry Neveling31:50:00plus 1 lap1
15296Brayden Amos31:50:00plus 1 lap1
285Micaiah BeslerDNF0
300JJennifer SeatonDNF0
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Belgian Cup #2 Results: Sid Buckwold Park Sun Sept 11, 2016

Concerns regarding posted results can be directed to:  fjmatus@sasktel.net.

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Sid Buckwold Park #2 Cyclocross Belgian Cup Results
Long Race
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
MEN - 22 riders
37Neil Clarke40:32:0010
215Scott Theede40:32:008
14Barret Dunbar40:32:006
36Albie Malan41:09:005
113Scott Bell41:17:004
96Ryan Derksen41:55:003
41Steven Froese42:06:002
87Travis Ward43:58:001
35Jason Bergen44:31:001
138Tom Wolf45:04:001
97Scott Taylor45:11:001
131Kevin Sutton45:24:001
92Michael Hunter46:22:001
98Howard Hemingson46:41:001
88Chris Christie46:43:001
95Jordan Stevenson40:42:00plus 1 lap1
32Cam Just41:54:00plus 1 lap1
94Todd Thompson42:18:00plus 1 lap1
33Mike Amos43:45:00plus 1 lap1
170Brad Turk43:46:00plus 1 lap1
283Jonathan Coller47:15:00plus 1 lap1
85Tim Pierce0:00:00DNF0
WOMEN - 5 riders
93Andrea Bunnin43:57:005
38Susan Clarke45:15:004
40Juliette Wheler46:18:003
86Camille Sperling40:56:00plus 1 lap2
274Renee Stuckel42:28:00plus 2 laps1
Short Race20 riders
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
1297Curtis Fischer25:50:0010
2147Jean Michel Chateigne26:36:008
3285Micaiah Besler26:41:006
5288Rod Hruym27:36:005
6294Logan Amos28:28:004
7293Harry Neveling29:23:003
8287Jason Thomaz29:28:002
9296Brayden Amos29:54:001
10284Curt Bimson31:31:001
11299Derek Thompson32:34:001
12199Sydney Dahl33:04:001
13282Jackie Hunter33:16:001
14198Jennifer Ruszkowski33:40:001
15300SSabine Chaterguer34:20:001
16286Josiah Besler25:59:00plus 1 lap1
17289Josh Mason26:17:00plus 1 lap1
4295Dana Amos27:14:00plus 1 lap1
18298Simone de Rosemond27:20:00plus 1 lap1
19300JJennifer Seaton28:07:00plus 1 lap1
20290Abigail Mason27:14:00plus 2 laps1
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Belgian Cup 2016 #1 Results Monday Sept 5th

Concerns regarding posted results can be directed to:  fjmatus@sasktel.net.

Monday, September 5, 2016      
Churchill Park #1 Cyclocross Belgian Cup Results
Long Race22 riders
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
139Lucas Conly41:33:0010
289Shayne McNaughton41:36:008
338Neil Clarke42:27:006
4215Scott Theede42:27:005
536Albie Malan42:55:004
685Tim Pierce42:55:003
741Steven Froese43:51:002
8130Bob Hawboldt44:32:001
9113Scott Bell44:53:001
1031Jorn Schumann45:15:001
1187Travis Ward46:56:001
1291Michael Prystajecky47:34:001
1335Jason Bergen48:14:001
1433Mike Amos46:56:00plus 1 lap1
1534Michael Nederhoff41:44:00plus 1 lap1
1688Chris Christie43:22:00plus 1 lap1
1792Michael Hunter42:44:00plus 1 lap1
184Marina Aspen46:40:005
237Susan Clarke47:57:004
386Camille Sperling42:09:00plus 1 lap3
440Juliette Wheler43:35:00plus 1 lap2
590Debra Wright47:36:00plus 1 lap1
Short Race14 riders
PlaceRider #RiderTimePoints
1297Curtis Fischer21:58:0010
2283Jonathon Coller22:19:008
3147Jean Michel Chateigne22:22:006
4294Logan Amos23:19:005
5274Renee Stuckel23:30:004
6293Harry Neveling24:57:003
7299Derek Thompson26:56:002
8282Jackie Hunter27:24:001
9198Jennifer Ruszkowski27:31:001
10298Simone de Rosemond28:12:001
11199Sydney Dahl28:23:001
12300Jennifer Seaton29:26:001
13295Dana Amos29:57:001
14296Brayden Amos22:16:00plus 1 lap1
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Tuesday Nighter Results – Aug 30, 2016

Tuesday August 30, 2016 • TNR Worlds • North Course • 21ºC  Wind E 22 gust 32

Final results:

1) Oleg Kougiya

2) Bruce Gordon

3) Scott Bell

4) Lincoln Lu

5) Phil Hesse

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Tuesday Nighter Results – August 23, 2016

Tuesday August 23, 2016 • West Course

Final Results:

1) Steven Froese

2) Chris White

3) Reinder

4) John Collier

5) Tony (Last name ?)

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Tuesday Nighter Results – Aug 16, 2016

Tuesday Aug 16, 2016 – West Course • 25º wind N 10

Final Results:

– Lucas Conly

– Steven Froese

– Chris White

– Tim Pierce

– Johnathan Coller

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