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Group A CAT 1/2/3 rider; aka "scratch group"; comfortable riding in echelon at high pace; strong bike handling skills with bike racing experience

Group B CAT 4/5 rider; may have limited bike racing experience; riders interested in possibly moving up to Group A with more experience

Group C no experience riding road bike in echelon or limited; individuals coming from another sport

You need to be an SCA and Cycledelia club member to participate. You also need to be signed up with Cycleclubapp to sign into the race.

Eligibility to race Tuesday Night Series:

Recreational riders, triathletes, mountain bikers, etc., are encouraged to join the Cycledelia Tuesday Night Race series. The series is an excellent way to improve strength and at the same time develop strong bike handling skills. However, bike racing is also "inherently dangerous" and can result in accidents. Therefore, Cycledelia must manage the risk and expectations of new riders joining the series. Therefore, all new riders must be deemed Draft Safe Certified and meet the following requirements:

  1. attend a Cycledelia Saturday Morning Club Ride
  2. ride Group C and advance to Group B only by referral of volunteer leader(s)
  3. ride with experienced club member who verifies rider ability with the Tuesday Night Coordinator

Support Vehicle:

We greatly appreciate our volunteers who take the time to drive each week so we can race! It provides another layer of safety and allows us to determine placings.

Start Times:

Start time for West and East courses is 6:30. Start time for North course (to give extra time to get to the course) is 6:40. A group leaves for all courses from the Back Alley of Bike Doctor at 6:00

There is a mailing list for Tuesday Night Race Series. Email if you want to be added to the list. This is the main way that crucial info and updates are broadcast, and races can be moved or cancelled depending on weather and road conditions so we recommend you join the list.

Race Formats

Reverse Pursuit:

Team Night

Juniors vs Seniors:

Aussie Pursuit (East Course)

There are three different courses:

North (aka Wanuskewin) Course. Start/finish at Wanuskewin entrance

West (aka Vanscoy) Course. Start/finish at the corner of Township Rd 364 and Range Rd 3063

East (aka PCA Mine) Course. Start/finish just East of the tracks on Hwy 394

2021 Tuesday Night Racing Calendar

Date CourseFormat
June 22 East TBD
June 29 North TBD
July 6 East TBD
July 13 North TBD
July 20 East TBD
July 27 North TBD
August 3 East TBD
August 10 North TBD
August 17 East TBD
August 24 North TBD
August 31 East TBD

Results are available on the Tuesday Nighter Results Page.